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    The therapeutic effect of banana slices
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    Elimination of edema:

    Banana tablets contain a lot of protein and minerals, often eat can play to maintain the body balance of sodium and potassium, diuretic swelling of the role of regulating blood pressure. Supplementary energy: banana slices are rich in carbohydrates, and can provide energy for the human body after consumption. Weight loss: banana tablets contain a lot of dietary fiber, after eating easy to produce satiety, can play to promote gastrointestinal motility, and promote the role of metabolism.

    Production Method

    1. Raw material selection: Select the maturity of the banana consumption (that is, peel yellow, pulp soft, strong sweet and aromatic flavor).

    2. Peel: Artificial peeled.

    3. Cut: the flesh cut in half, a small banana can not cut points.

    4. Fumigation sulfur: sulfur fumigation in a closed smoked room with 20 to 30 minutes per 100 kg of raw materials with sulfur 2 kg.

    5. Baking: dry with hot air drying at 65 ~ 70 ℃ for 18 to 20 hours, so that the finished product water up to 16 ~ 17% is appropriate.

    6. Softening: the finished product to be covered at room temperature for 24 hours.

    7. Packing: Seal with polyethylene film bag.

    8. Storage: Store at room temperature for more than six months to maintain color, smell and taste unchanged.

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